Blue Strawberry (30ml)


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The strawberry can always stand alone as a favorite of the berry-flavored vaping variety for its strength in flavor profile, balance, and uniqueness. Its constant fulfillment of sweetness is enforced by the ripe tannins of natural sugar, while its hint of tartness serves a grandiose purpose of making this e liquid a one-stop-shop for a balanced fruity flavor. However, what if another small plant with a big flavor and scent was introduced to this famous berry? We’re talking mint here. While this little plant does not seem to carry large properties that could over keep-up, much less complement, the magnitude of the strawberry, this little leaf is minimal in appearance but boasts a macro-flavor and aroma. Blue Ice has combined these two flavor powerhouses in their Strawberry E Liquid. The first pull of this sweet and icy vape juice will produce a cloud that immediately rolls over your tongue with a ripeness factor that takes your mind to the freshest patches it could ever imagine.

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