Kanger SSOCC Replacement Coil 5/PK Ceramic


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Kanger created the One coil to rule them all; The One coil to outlast all the others. In a victorious leap of unrivaled ingenuity, Kangertech conceived the Kanthal killer. Introducing the 0.5 ohm SSOCC Ceramic Replacement coils: Kanger’s first ceramic contribution to a growing line of Stainless Steel Organic Cotton coil heads. These coils utilize a ceramic heating element, increasing the lifespan of your coil almost three-fold compared to your typical Kanthal wire. Ceramic heating elements evenly vaporize E-Juice and nullify most of the terrible burnt taste that comes with accidental dry burns. These coil-heads take a little bit more power to get started but once they’re hot, the flavor production is incomparable and the vapor production is top-notch. Kanger’s SSOCC Ceramic Replacement Coils will work with any KangerTech tank that uses SSOCC coils. Experience a dramatic change in flavor and check out the SSOCC Ceramic Coils today!

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