Kanger SSOCC Replacement Coil 5/PK SS316L


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Inside these stainless steel coils are 100% Japanese organic cotton wicks. As most vapers know, organic cotton is far more superior to standard cotton because the former does not contain any bleach and other impurities. Organic cotton wicks produce a much cleaner and flavorful vapor so you can enjoy the true taste of your favorite USA Eliquid & Ejuice. For a fully customized experience, Kanger is offering its SSOCC heads in multiple coil builds and resistances. The stainless steel coil in standard wrap is available in 0.15?, 0.2?, 0.5?, 1.2?, 1.5? specifications while the Clapton-style coil comes in 0.5? resistance. Clapton coil builds have a greater surface area for increased vapor production.

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