Naked100 Very Cool Pods (4 Pack)


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This very cool blend is going to knock your socks off with its wonderful taste that will remind you of if you took a trip out to the country and spent the whole time eating naturally sourced foods that fill you with wholesome nutritious energy that has you feeling fresh and clean. You are going to appreciate just how true to form and realistic that this great juice is and want to reach for it every single time that you need a little bit of invigoration that will keep you feeling on top of your game all day long. Everyone knows that dreaded mid-day slumps that hit even the best of us, when you start to feel lethargic and procrastinate, you will be able to head out for a vape break with this great juice that is going to make you feel energized and like you are ready to take on anything that’s thrown your way. This is a true staple that will be popping up time and time again to give you that all day long, super convenient satisfaction that will keep you satisfied and smiling.

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